The Professional Padel Players Coaches Association is born

  • June 21, 2024

Participating in the global development of padel, both as a consultative body for institutions and as a reference point for its members within professional circuits. This is the aim of the Professional Padel Players Coaches Association, the padel coaches association.

The new organization, which already has 80 members, will be led by Francisco Javier Sánchez “Pozanco”, a coach since 1982 and a historic figure in the field, accompanied by Vice President Jorge Bellmont and Secretary Ángel González.

We were born with a main goal, which is to collaborate with FIP and Premier Padel to develop our sport”, Sánchez said during the presentation, attended by representatives of the players’ associations, IPPA and PPA, as well as the International Padel Federation (FIP) and Premier Padel. “In the coaching sector, we have people with a lot of experience, and that is why we want to collaborate and give our support for everything that is needed. We are working hard and have a very interesting project to also enhance our role. This sport is moving very fast, and we need to do the same to keep up”.

We want to carry this project forward together and move in the same direction”, added David Serrahima, the new General Manager of Premier Padel. In this circuit, there are different actors: promoters, players, and without a doubt, coaches are also a point of reference. Our desire is to collaborate with you, who are the closest people to the players, who live with them on planes, in cars, in locker rooms, after the match, and in every moment. Yours is an authoritative voice, and I have no doubt that we can undertake a constructive path together”.

For us, the birth of a coaches’ association parallel to that of the players is important”, added Guillermo Alcaide, Sport Director of the International Padel Federation. “Javi Sánchez mentioned the project we have in common, one of the Federation’s priorities. We are working hard, we are motivated and enthusiastic. We want to be part of this growth journey, in order to improve this sport together, which is the primary goal of everyone”.










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