Premier Padel launches an app for its fans

  • July 01, 2024

Premier Padel has announced the launch of the Premier Padel Fan App, a new app designed to elevate the fan experience of the Qatar Airways Premier Padel Tour. As the leading official professional tour of one of the most dynamic sports in the world, connecting fans with their favourite players and tournaments is becoming more important than ever. The new app will offer fans unprecedented access and engagement with Premier Padel, the players and access to the fastest growing sport in the world.

Key features of the app include:

  • Following all Qatar Airways Premier Padel Tour tournaments live: Find comprehensive information on all tournaments during the 2024 season, including match schedules, current scores, player updates and all the latest news via the app.
  • Match centre statistics: Providing fans with a second screen experience by keeping track of the match statistics -current scores, aces, double faults, % points won on serves- during live broadcast within the match centres.
  • Buy your tickets through the app: Fans can conveniently find and purchase tickets for Premier Padel events directly through the app. A seamless and integrated ticketing experience ensures you never miss a chance to see the action live!
  • Watch Premier Padel action live on Red Bull TV: Just like the new Premier Padel website, the app integrates Red Bull TV, in selected territories, allowing users to stream live matches, enjoy highlights, and access exclusive content on the go via the app for free.
  • Available to iOS and Android users: The app has been developed for both iOS and Android platforms, ensuring a high-quality user experience that is available for download on both the App Store and Google Play. iOS Users can download from the App Store and Android Users can download from Google Play.

Rob Mitchell, Commercial Director, Premier Padel said: “Today marks an exciting milestone as we launch our innovative fan app, designed to bring the global padel community closer to Premier Padel than ever before. This app is not just a platform, but a new way for fans to connect, share, and celebrate their passion for padel together. We are excited to provide this immersive experience and can't wait to see how it transforms our engagement with fans worldwide. We would also like to thank both Crionet and the International Padel Federation for its continued and valued support in helping to deliver this project.”

Additionally, Premier Padel is also developing interactive leaderboards where fans will be able to participate in polling games and share their padel knowledge by predicting which pairs will win games, earning them global recognition amongst the rapidly growing padel community.

The launch of the Premier Padel fan app -following the launch of the new website last week- is the latest in a series of announcements about upgrades to Premier Padel’s digital product portfolio, strengthening the connection between padel players, fans, and the official professional padel tour.

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