The FEP and the FEDDF sign the agreement for the integration of wheelchair padel

  • July 11, 2024

On June 27th, the Board of Directors of the Spanish Padel Federation (FEP) approved the effective integration of wheelchair padel, which until now had been managed by the Spanish Federation of Sports for People with Physical Disabilities (FEDDF). This path, which began in April with the first meetings between the presidents of both entities -Ramón Morcillo (FEP) and Enrique Álvarez Orcajo (FEDDF)- was formalized on July 5th with the signing of the integration agreement between the two federations.

The entry into force of Sports Law 39/2022 motivates and determines this integration. In Article 6, section 4, the said law states that "sports modalities for people with disabilities will be integrated into the respective Spanish sports federations when such integration has occurred within the framework of the corresponding international sports federations." Considering that this integration must be completed in 2024, both federations sealed this integration agreement on July 5th, which will be submitted for subsequent ratification by their respective General Assemblies.

On its part, the International Padel Federation (FIP), according to its statutes, has the competence to organize World and "Regional" Championship Competitions for men's and women's teams and pairs in padel for physical and intellectual disabilities (Annex B ET FIP).

Article 14, sections x) and ab) of the Sports Law determine that the Higher Sports Council (CSD) has the authority to ensure the effective implementation of said law, exercising the necessary actions and developing any other legally or regulatory attributed faculty aimed at achieving the purposes and objectives set forth in that provision. Additionally, it is empowered to promote public policies to encourage sports participation among people with disabilities, in collaboration with other Public Administrations, Spanish sports federations, and disability advocacy organizations. This includes maintaining a comprehensive approach to addressing the needs of these individuals across all sports domains.

With the signing of this agreement, which must be ratified by the General Assemblies of both federations, wheelchair padel will now fall under the jurisdiction of the Spanish Padel Federation. The federation will be responsible for continuing to promote and develop the sport through its organizational structure. Starting September 1st, it will initiate a calendar of activities comprising 14 events.

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