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Trocellen Group is a multinational company internationally recognized for the design, manufacturing, and marketing of products based on cross-linked polyolefin foams, with 9 manufacturing plants and over 690 employees worldwide.

Trocellen Ibérica, S.A., located in Spain, is owned by the Japanese industrial groups Otsuka Chemical and Furukawa Electric, and it is the leading Spanish producer of such products with 50 years of experience. Through its different Business Sectors (commercial and applications), the company is capable of meeting specific market needs with a wide range of products and solutions.

It designs and manufactures both semi-finished and finished products, adapting to the requirements of commercial and technical agents in different markets.

Trocellen products stand out for their manufacturing processes, various product ranges, and multiple applications. Thanks to the different product presentations and their varied commercial ranges and material options, they allow for subsequent use in multiple applications and sectors such as construction (building and civil works), automotive, footwear, industry, and of course, in the sports sector.