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EQUIP, the leader in free access to sports & padel equipment.

The aim of Equip is to revolutionize the sports industry by making padel affordable, easy to practice and accessible to everyone, anywhere, anytime. Based in Switzerland and launched in 2021 by the Nidecker Group, world leader in the snowboarding industry, Equip has garnered a robust community of nearly 20,000 active participants and spans across 8 countries.

The solution revolves around connected, compact and energy self-sufficient lockers, with its newest addition having been adapted specifically for renting padel rackets and balls autonomously. Our entirely in-house developed mobile app Equip Sport allows not only to open the lockers but is also the only app-based booking system for padel equipment, providing insightful data and usage statistics to the clubs, with a single goal: the best user experience.

Equip’s system is a valuable asset for padel, as it contributes to promote and expand further the sport and growing its community and number of players. For clubs, the benefits of providing autonomous rental directly on the court to players who haven’t yet invested in their own padel equipment are manifold: from attracting new members through equipment rentals and Equip’s community of players, to maximizing opening hours and saving human resources.