International Recruitment Services for the World of Padel

At Padel Recruits, we are both padel and recruitment experts with more than ten years of experience in recruitment, career management and international padel.

Our function is to strengthen the fast growth of padel by connecting the right people with the right jobs, globally.

Padel is a relatively new sport but with a huge growth rate. We see the opening of new clubs and academies every day all around the world. And they have a very important need: finding the right professionals.

These clubs demand trainers and coaches, with proven technical capabilities and experience, but also with a good enough level of English, adaptability and commitment.

And it is not only about clubs and training jobs where there is a talent gap, but also in every area of the padel business: facility management, administration, digital marketing, sales, business development, consultancy services, etc...

There are a lot of talented professionals out there. Our mission as recruitment managers is to build a career proposal so attractive that we can attract the best ones to join your padel project.

Our main assets are:

  • The most extensive and rich database of padel professionals from every functional area
  • Unique access and in-depth insight into the international padel market and business
  • Long experience in recruitment and career management

We connect and meet personally with every single candidate, recruiter and project developer. Shall we talk?

If you are looking for the right professional for your padel project get in contact and let's start working.