CIP is a global cluster that will bring together to manufacturers, producers and distributors of products suitable for the sport of padel.

    CIP the cluster was established without profit motive, it is open to all natural or legal persons who meet the status of owners of national or international companies, which are dedicated to the manufacture, manufacturing, distribution, import or marketing of products and services. n of all kinds of materials and articles for the practice of padel, or services and raw materials and all those commercially related to the "paddle" concept.

    CIP is made up of the vast majority of padel companies that carry out an industrial or service activity within the countries of the European Community and or have sufficient infrastructure and services in our European geographical area.

    Main Objectives of the Cluster

    • Act as a Lobby: Represent and defend the professional and business interests of its members before all types of public and private organizations that have a direct or indirect relationship with the activity. of this Association
    • Promote and encourage the practice of paddle tennis
    • Promote and encourage the internationalization of padel
    • Promote padel as an Olympic sport
    • Promote sustainability in all areas of action
    • Promote good practice, quality level, rationalization, development, promotion and protection of the common activity of its associates.

    Sectoral engine:

    • Agreements and collaboration with Public Institutions: National and International
    • Greater presence in professional organizations
    • Organize round tables, debate forums, to share opinions, minimize risks and design joint strategies from the Association
    • Promote, improve and expand market studies in the various areas of activity

    Acquire greater sectoral prominence:

    • Actions that allow the increase in the number of associates
    • Promote the image of the Association at an international level
    • Encourage pride of belonging
    • Greater approach to other Related Associations, especially international sports and especially padel, with the ultimate objective of being represented in the highest International institutions such as the FESI and WFSGI
    • Presence in most International Sports Fairs and especially those linked to the world of padel
    • Organization and participation in conferences that promote the practice of paddle tennis and its industry.
    • Organization of the I PADEL WORLD SUMMIT

    CIP Report

    • 120 Companies and 140 associated brands
    • 30 market-leading court manufacturers and the main brands of padel rackets
    • More than 2.000 million euros of turnover in 2023 in associated companies
    • Brands from 20 different countries
    • 3.500 jobs associated with CIP companies

    Main Milestones

    • February 2020: The first meeting is held at ICEX, in Madrid, attended by 50 companies from the world of padel li>
    • May 2020: The non-profit International Paddle Cluster (CIP) is officially established
    • June 2021: The Cluster website and the main means of communication are created
    • March 2022: The 1st session is held. CIP in-person assembly
    • 2024: (In progress) I PADEL WORLD SUMMIT

    Draft Committee of facilities

    • Standard Project

    • Creation of a global database of padel courts
    • Creation of a code of good collaboration between partners

    Statutes of the International Padel Cluster Association: